Tap Card
❓ Are you a business owner or professional looking for a cost-effective way to share your contact info and details about the products/services you offer?
❓ Do you find yourself running through business cards knowing they might get lost or tossed?
❓ Do you wish you had a way to easily allow your clients to book your calendar and even make payments?
 Is your business struggling to generate leads and follow up throughout the process?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then Open Lane Media can help you figure it out.

🎯 With a Digital Business Card (Tap Card),  just scan your QR Code or tap your card to any modern phone and instantly share your contact info, links, social media, and accept payments:
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Tap Card
A Tap Card is perfect for:
⭐ Sharing contact info with prospective clients
⭐ Gathering leads and building sales funnels
⭐ Booking appointments and taking payments
⭐ Instagram link in the bio pages
⭐ Creatives looking to quickly share content

A Tap Card card can be your business's web home where you can also show off your:
💎 Products
💎 Services
💎 Artist bio and portfolio
💎 Social channels
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